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Nice - South of France - From Above, image credit by Vivienne Gucwa

France is a beautiful country, and it has many diverse areas that you will love. Most people who visit France want to visit Paris most of all. Paris is so large and lovely that many people spend their entire time there. It is also expensive. That’s why most people have to stay in small hotels and can only reside in Paris for a few nights. If you win big on Platinum Play casinos, you will be able to visit Paris and stay in a fancy hotel. You will also be able to stay as long as you want and still have the funds to see other beautiful areas of France like Normandy and the Mediterranean coast to the south. Your dream trip to France could become a reality with Platinum Play casinos!

Travel to Manama – The Capital Of Peace

When visitors of Manama Bahrain visit this perfect nation they will discover they can decide to stay in various distinctive urban areas. Of these decisions you will discover the capital city of Manama to be a perfect decision. This city other than being one of the biggest urban communities in the nation of Bahrain is additionally an advanced city where visitors can delight in the customary accommodation of the nation nearby seeing both the cutting edge and past sights of this astonishing nation and city.

You will discover there are various exercises that you can do while you are here. These exercises will extend touring, unwinding in spots and restaurants, having a ton of fun at clubs and bars and appreciating nature getting it done. As there is an abundance of exercises that you can do while you are going to Manama, you may think that it more amusing to blend your touring with that of having some good times or investigating nature. To help you see a portion of the enjoyments which are holding up for you in this superb city read on.

Leading take a visit to a percentage of the breathtaking sights of nature that you will experience here in Manama. One such place that you may wish to visit is that of the Hawar Islands. On these islands which are arranged in the Gulf of Bahrain you will discover a place of refuge for various great winged animal species. A portion of the flying creatures that you will have the capacity to see on these islands are flamingos, dingy birds of prey, bulbuls and ospreys. An alternate incredible spot of nature that you ought to visit while you are in Manama is additionally in the close-by Gulf of Bahrain.

Manama Hotel has pretty nearly well done up 45 rooms. The rooms are gathered into non aerated and cooled typical Rooms, ventilated normal Rooms, ventilated extravagance Rooms and Super extravagance Rooms otherwise called suites. Each one room is arranged remembering the necessities and simplicity of the visitors. The super luxurious rooms are generally named and discerningly prepared and proposed for open to living. Almost all the rooms are furnished with comforts like joined washrooms with 24 hours running hot and frosty water, immediate dialing with ISD and STD office, HQ TV, written work table, safe store box to keep the assets sheltered and brilliant 24 hour room administration.

In this trek you will have the capacity to watch effortless dolphins skipping with blissful desert as you watch them from watercraft which have been assigned for this utilization. Other marine animals you will have the capacity to see will incorporate the adorable manatees as they skim along the bottom of the bay rummaging for sustenance and a kind of Grouper known as Hammour which is enormously prized as a delicacy. In the event that you are intrigued by seeing these glorious tenants of the Gulf of Bahrain you will have the capacity to find that the dolphin viewing vessels leave from Manama three times each day.

From the delights of nature to the glories of man you will discover Manama to be a heavenly place. One such landmark to manmade glories is that of the Pearl Monument. This landmark is the informal image of Bahrain. It is spotted amidst an indirect. As you take a gander at this landmark you will see there are six profoundly adapted dhow sails which are holding a brilliant pearl high over the city. Apply Bahrain visas to explore the best of Bahrain.

Five Issues to Look Into while Appointing Someone for Airport Transfers Geneva to Courchevel

Going on a ski tour is a fantastic idea. It offers that perfect opportunity for someone to enjoy life in a different way. Hence, one can always plan a ski tour to the Alps. Planning should be the least of the concerns. One can sit in a cozy room and chalk out the plan. Flight tickets to Geneva should not be a concern, the idea will be to get to Courchevel. Here, is the difficult part of the trip. On such instances, one can certainly lookout for someone offering airport transfers Geneva to Courchevel.

Magic Snowflake club

There are plenty of names offering such services. Most of these transfer service providers have online presence. Therefore, for someone keen to contact, it should not be a cause of concern. Similar to accommodation providers, most such transfer companies offer online booking opportunities. While one can certainly book, however, it is essential to check upon a few key areas. These are nothing, but minor issues to make sure that one can travel comfortably. Let us now stress on these points.

The vehicle type:

The key area of focus will be the type of vehicle where the transfer will take place. Most of these airport transfers Geneva to Courchevel firms offer a varied range of vehicles for the transfer process. However, it precisely boils down to the number of people involved in the trip. The rule is plain and clear. If there are plenty of people in the trip, then one may have to go for larger vehicle. If the passenger size of the trip is small, then probably a Volkswagen will be enough. Hence, one must decide accordingly.

The comfort levels in the car:

Now once the type of vehicle is decided, one can certainly stress a bit on the comfort levels. On a holiday, the idea will be to relax. Hence, there will certainly be that secret desire to go for something luxurious. One can always focus on the comfort levels of the transport systems. Does the vehicle have a music system? One can focus on these issues. Moreover, things can get chilly in Geneva or Courchevel. Hence, one can certainly enquire on whether the vehicles have heating system installed in them or not.

The quotes:

Everything is based upon a budget, and it is unwise to ignore it and go overboard. However, going too cheap is also not a perfect idea. The idea will be to allocate a realistic budget for this purpose and stay within it. One will run into plenty of names here in Geneva ready to offer transport facilities to Courchevel on a minimum budget.

The other issues:

Now a skiing tourist can certainly stress upon other issues. One can certainly conduct an efficiency check on most of these airport transfer service providers. The idea will be to check on whether they are there on time, when the flight arrives. Actually, the focus can also be a bit on the work efficiency in general. Is the chauffer polite enough? Now in an online search, it may become a bit difficult to gauge these issues. Hence, the way out will be to seek references from someone who may have already made that trip from Geneva to Courchevel. They will be able to offer a better guide on who offers the best service at a highly competitive price structure.

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These are certain key areas of focus for people keen on airport transfers Geneva to Courchevel. The idea will be opt for someone providing a comfortable and hassle free journey. Therefore, to make the whole journey pleasant, one can certainly stress upon these above factors. The trip is that much more entertaining. For more information please visit



Airport Transfers to the Best French Ski Resorts

Airport Transfers to the Best French Ski Resorts

As a much sought after tourist hub, Europe offers a diverse range of transportation option for tourists’ convenience. As soon as you reach the Arrivals section at a city airport such as Geneva, Grenoble, Chambrey, Munich, Innsbruck or Lyon, you can seek and find airport transfers. You can also pre-book airport transfers online and sometimes benefit from cut-off rates, especially when it is the off-peak season. Airport transfer services can be shared as well as private. These can also be a door-to-door service or dropping off at a mutually agreed location. Which option you will choose depends on your budget. If you are seeking the ultimate high, there is the lavish option that includes private jets and limousines. These airport transfers, whatever the service category, provide reliable vehicles, professional drivers and safe transits.

Airport Transfers to Resorts

Geneva offers a wide array in the airport transfer category, including taxis, buses, trains, trams and boats- a wide range of transportation actually, all of which can be booked in advance. Though there are ticketing machines for on-the-spot ticketing for trains, trams and buses as well. As these tickets are valid at all the previously mentioned transport services which include the les mouettes as well, for those who wish to take a boat ride across the notorious Lake Geneva. From Geneva Airport, you can avail transfer services to Chamonix Ski Resort. Also available are mountain drop off services to different alpine destinations such as Megeve, Les Contamines, the Grand Mastiff, Skiddy Gonzales, Zermatt, St. Gervais, Portes de Soleil, Morzine, Les Gets and Avoriaz.

Grenoble Airport too offers transfers to many magnificent destinations right in the midst of Europe’s most fabulous ski terrains like Alpe d’Huez, Meribel, Les Deux Alpes, Ben’s Bus and Alpinecab.

Chambery is a great landing site if you wish to explore French skiing regions such as Courchevel, Val Thorens, and Chamonix.  Chambery airport offers snowbus airport transfers to Tignes and Val d’Isere at discounted rates. Chambrey also has  Mountain Express and Alpinecab offices.

In Tarantaise Valley, France, there is the famous ski resort of Courchevel. It is situated in the world’s most widespread ski region known as “Three Valleys”.  After the Second World War, this region saw rapid development though resort planning had begun much earlier in the Vichy regime. Built in 1850, the Courchevel ski resort was the very first ski center in France that was built from ground up rather than around an existing village.

Courchevel ski center is famous for its tough ski slopes. It features the toughest black runs. Another key attraction is the downhill run that’s150 kilometers long and can be accessed by as many as 65 lifts. For beginners, there are 27 green runs. For average skilled skiers, there are 44 blue runs, in Courchevel. For the really skilled skiers, there are 38 red runs and the previously mentioned 10 black runs – all will test your skiing techniques and give you high adrenaline rush.
Courchevel also links to Trois Vallees, making it world’s most widespread linked ski area, a link that’s very popular with skiers and snowboarders. Another great and not-to-be-missed attraction is the simply stunning vistas of Italian and Swiss Alps, which are among the best in the world. Don’t worry about reaching here, there are various options of  airport transfers to courchevel.

If you are a beginner on snow slopes or just want to practice the basics, there are skiing and snowboarding lessons, both  private and in groups, that you can choose as per your ability. Language is not a problem as instructors speak fairly decent English. With right training, you can learn to zoom down the slopes with confidence.

Courchevel also offers many other indoor and outdoor activities too, apart from simply superb skiing. You can try simpler pleasures of playing in snow or tobogganing with children. You can also spend an enjoyable time indoors getting cookery lessons, visiting local spas, trying out the bowling alley and scaling indoor walls for the climbing pleasure.

DSA Practical test

Here is the latest gist of Automotive news in the market!!

Mercedes Benz launches its 2014 edition of CLS 350:

Mercedes Benz has launched its latest 2014 edition – sedan CLS 350, a petrol engine which quotes for around Rs. 89.9 Lakh. The latest version has got many special features such as three dimensional displays, reversing camera with guidelines of static and dynamic version, active park assist, etc. The above features with its sportiness and design, the car model provides a very high exclusivity level, gives comfort ride and safety too. To the discerning customers in India, this makes a compelling choice for the people with its spacious interiors and plush that make it more attractive price for the introduction.

Mercedes Benz vice president reported that the company now planned to increase its production capacity at its plant which is located in Chakan from 10,000 to 20,000 per annum.

US: GM recalls another 8.45m car

GM announces another six recalls which is mostly of ignition switch totaling it of 8.45m 1997 to that of recent vehicles of 2014, out of which 7.6m are in the US. The automaker stated that in the second quarter of the recalls, it costs around US$1.2bn. The major vehicles are sedans of 1997 and 2008 recalled for fixing of unintended ignition key rotation, 1997-2005 version of Chevrolet Malibu; Oldsmobile Intrigue version of 1998-2002; Pontiac Grand Am 1995-2005; Chevrolet impala and Monte Carlo which again is of 2000-2005 version; Pontiac Grand pix of 2004-2008, etc.

And recent models of 2013-2014 Cadillac CTS and also Cadillac SRX 2004-2006 model are also recalled. The other cars that are remaining are called for the correcting the minor glitches of electrical purposes, especially wiring and also connections in it. Among all the above, GM added that there are seven crashes, three fatalities and eight injuries.

WSJ dealers would fix the ignition the problem occurred by ignition just by converting the slot on the vehicles key head to a small hole.

Ford takes time plan beyond marketing content:

Ford Company is trying to plan the real-time strategy that goes beyond the communicating and marketing teams for creating integrated consumer that is spanning a multiple touchpoints journey.

The Mustang – which is going to be the first ford real time strategy car and the company is making its ground work and also making use of social media for attracting the customers across the globe. The real-time strategy is first launched by Europe underlined by the efforts made by the Ford Company to make it more transparent, accessible and also to authenticate. Customer assistance ship has called both IT and also legal part to speed up the process to make the customers and fans to feel they are having a two way dialogue with the Ford brand.

The future campaigns are also planned by Ford and this includes campaign for the Mustang also the SUV and Vignale luxury proposition will finally gain the strategy of moving forward. Out of all these efforts, they added that the compelling part comes when people are discussing about the product so their main aim is to facilitate conversation rather broadcasting the brand. The Company also trying to take it to the new sector in the European Market introducing more than 25 new vehicles in another five years span.

The DSA Practical test (Driving Standard Agency) has to be taken by the customers to drive the car and they need to bring certain documents during the test and other things necessary.








Places to see in Cappadocia, Turkey

The Cappadocia region in Turkey, is a beautiful area where nature and human ingenuity meet. Rich with history, this region was once a Roman Province and many relics of the Roman occupation and later early Christianization remain. There are many sites there that provide an excellent taste of history, art & architecture, and geology.

Three places to start:

1. The Göreme Open-Air Museum is a must-see for the tourist in Turkey. Göreme, in the Nevşehir Province falls under the shadow of Mt Erciyes, which erupted 2,000 years ago and the settlement dates back to Roman times. The soft rock formed from the lava and ash in the Cappadocia region has been eroded leaving hard caps on the rock pillars. These have the appearance of fairy chimneys. The soft rock has been carved out to make houses and church buildings. In the 8th through early 9th centuries, art was minimal cross decoration but it evolved following that period so that many of colorful frescos in the sanctuaries are great examples of Byzantine art during the post-iconoclastic era starting in 842 CE. This area contains thirty church sites to visit and open air balloon rides are available.

2. Gulsehir- This happens to be one of the first settlements in Cappadocia and there is a kulliye with 30 homes and a mosque, fountain, and madrassa. This town dates back to the Hittites who called it “Zoropassos.” There is an artificial cave which contains ancient pottery. Nearby is the “Open Palace” or Aciksaray which is a cave-village. It features dwellings and chapels cut into the rock there and strange formations that appear to be trees, giant mushrooms, or even faces. The settlement dates back to the tenth century. Eight complexes sit around courtyards with three sides and decorated facades. Upon entering Gulsehir one will come across the St. Jean Church, built in 1212. It contains a church, graves, and wine cellar and the walls are covered with early gothic murals of biblical scenes, and geometrical and floral patterns. It is notable for scenes of the Last Judgment, a rarity in Cappadocian art.

3. Zelve Monastery- 10 kilometers from Göreme, this is the part of UNESCO World Heritage Site (Churches of Göreme). The complex has many passageways and rooms tunneled in the rock. It is an arresting site in the hills, taking in three valleys, and connecting two by tunnel. Zelve is also notable for being an early place where Muslims and Christians resided peacefully together up to 1924. The ghost town of Old Zelve is a popular destination for rock climbers, and visitors will need a couple of hours to hike around the architecture. The art there includes early Christian symbology including the fish, the deer and the cross. An ancient Mosque with a rock-cut minaret sets near the Church with the Deer (Geyikli Kilise).

The things you will want to plan to do in Cappadocia include: horseback riding, hiking the awesome valleys, renting a motorcycle or four wheeler, mountain biking, taking guided tours, skiing and visiting a volcano. Scooters are also available for renting, to see the region. To start planning a trip there you will want the visit this website for turkish visa online, to get your visa easily.

Continental Airline Cleared of Concorde Crash

Continental Airlines were cleared by the court for the Crash of the Concorde that left 113 people dead. Also the mechanic of the Aircraft was cleared for man slaughter. The crash came about when a piece of metal had fallen of the Concorde which the air craft then ran over which caused the tyre to explode sending pieces of rubber to the fuel tanks which ignited and caused the crash.

2 years ago both the mechanic and the airline was found guilty in which the airline was ordered to coff up £2.7 million to pay for what happened. But since they have been cleared they only have to pay around £1 million in penalties.

The mechanic was also cleared as it was impossible for him to imagine the consequences of his mistake by putting in the wrong piece of metal so he was rightly found not guilty.


Airplane parking is cheaper then car parking at airports

Studies from telegraph showed that car parking costs higher then airplane parking in 10 major airports.

Manchester airports charge car driver £35 for 24 hours to park in their short time car park, when a light weight aircraft will be charged £21 from the same period of time.

Edinburgh is asking drivers £ 23.50 for a day parking at their airport when a small airplane will be charged £11.90 for a day.

Liver pool airport charges planes £10.72 for a full day parking and £39.99 for a full day.

In fact no need to name all the airports as Luton is the only airport that charges planes more to park then cars £38.88 for plane and £36 for a car.

One way to could get a cheaper car parking is by booking the parking space in advance.

Scientist looking for black holes

This new telescope will be sent to space by a plane its NASA latest X-ray technology; it’s off to space today from Kwajlein Atoll on a two year mission to find black holes in out Milkey Way.

The airplane that is taking the rocket will be at 40,000 before releasing the rocket that should blast up in space. The telescope is very small as you can see from the pictures and will be powered by solar energy.

The mission is to be said to cost $170 million and was delayed in march duw to software problems.

Solar plane from Switzerland to Morocco

The Swiss aircraft, called Solar Impulse, finished the first leg of its flight on on Friday. It landed in Madrid for a technical halt 17 hours and 3 minutes after it took off from Payerne, Switzerland.

The plane has solar panels on its wings and other parts of its exterior, and these offer the energy for its process.

“The flight went very well, and thanks to the team of meteorologists, everything went according to the plan: it was astonishing,” Andre Borschberg, the pilot of the Solar Impulse aircraft, said in a statement on Friday.

The flight period for the first leg was 17 hours, 3 minutes, and 50 seconds. The standard ground speed was 89 km/h or 55.3 mph.

The scheme began in 2003 and is predictable to cost about $100 million over 10 years.