Continental Airline Cleared of Concorde Crash

Continental Airlines were cleared by the court for the Crash of the Concorde that left 113 people dead. Also the mechanic of the Aircraft was cleared for man slaughter. The crash came about when a piece of metal had fallen of the Concorde which the air craft then ran over which caused the tyre to explode sending pieces of rubber to the fuel tanks which ignited and caused the crash.

2 years ago both the mechanic and the airline was found guilty in which the airline was ordered to coff up £2.7 million to pay for what happened. But since they have been cleared they only have to pay around £1 million in penalties.

The mechanic was also cleared as it was impossible for him to imagine the consequences of his mistake by putting in the wrong piece of metal so he was rightly found not guilty.


Airplane parking is cheaper then car parking at airports

Studies from telegraph showed that car parking costs higher then airplane parking in 10 major airports.

Manchester airports charge car driver £35 for 24 hours to park in their short time car park, when a light weight aircraft will be charged £21 from the same period of time.

Edinburgh is asking drivers £ 23.50 for a day parking at their airport when a small airplane will be charged £11.90 for a day.

Liver pool airport charges planes £10.72 for a full day parking and £39.99 for a full day.

In fact no need to name all the airports as Luton is the only airport that charges planes more to park then cars £38.88 for plane and £36 for a car.

One way to could get a cheaper car parking is by booking the parking space in advance.

Scientist looking for black holes

This new telescope will be sent to space by a plane its NASA latest X-ray technology; it’s off to space today from Kwajlein Atoll on a two year mission to find black holes in out Milkey Way.

The airplane that is taking the rocket will be at 40,000 before releasing the rocket that should blast up in space. The telescope is very small as you can see from the pictures and will be powered by solar energy.

The mission is to be said to cost $170 million and was delayed in march duw to software problems.

Solar plane from Switzerland to Morocco

The Swiss aircraft, called Solar Impulse, finished the first leg of its flight on on Friday. It landed in Madrid for a technical halt 17 hours and 3 minutes after it took off from Payerne, Switzerland.

The plane has solar panels on its wings and other parts of its exterior, and these offer the energy for its process.

“The flight went very well, and thanks to the team of meteorologists, everything went according to the plan: it was astonishing,” Andre Borschberg, the pilot of the Solar Impulse aircraft, said in a statement on Friday.

The flight period for the first leg was 17 hours, 3 minutes, and 50 seconds. The standard ground speed was 89 km/h or 55.3 mph.

The scheme began in 2003 and is predictable to cost about $100 million over 10 years.

15 dead as plane crashes in nepal

This plane was caring 21 people and had crashed in the side of a steep hill as it tried to land. This airport was a popular for tourist and trekking destination.

There have been 4 survivors in a bad condition which were flown to helicopter to the nearby hospital. Help was quick as the plane crashed close to an army base.

In the plane was a young bollywood actor who had high hopes for the futures she was in there with her sister. The pilot of the plane had promised to have lunch with his parent in a restaurant just after the flight.

In Nepal air travel is popular where road are limited, so the main way to get around the hills are by air or foot.

Plane crash in Chicago kills two after possible crosswinds steers it to the ground

Police in the Chicago suburb of Crystal Lake say two men have died in a small plane crash.

Crystal Lake Deputy Police Chief Gene Lowery says the plane crashed Thursday afternoon just west of the Lake in the Hills Airport, about 50 miles northwest of Chicago.

The McHenry County coroner’s office has identified the victims as 65-year-old Hugh Scott Clark of Lake Forest and 82-year-old Paul Sanfilippo of Grayslake.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it’s unclear if the plane was taking off or landing.

Crosswind may have played a role, according to authorities.


Other good concorde sites

There are quite a few nice sites about Concorde. Some of our favourites include the French site It covers many small and interesting details about the fastest commercial airplane in the world. British Airways, who had direct flights from New York to London, now feature a  site that celebrates Concorde. Here you can find all kinds of interesting facts, such as how many people flew concorde, how old it is etc.


46m Jet Plane Gift From Kuwait, Claims King Of Swaziland Mswati III

Prince Omari Dlamini, nephew of King of Swaziland Mswati III says the newly-acquired royal private jet worth $46 million is a gift from Kuwait, refuting the notion that the king bought it from taxpayers’ fund, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The report could not be independently confirmed.

He revealed that the aircraft is a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 twin-engine jet, which the king’s Kuwaiti friends gave as a gift.

It was also reported that the purchase was made at the wrong time considering the fact that Swaziland is going through the most difficult economic phase in its history.

According to official statistics, only one out of every ten Swazi citizens lives above the $1 daily international standard for poverty level.

He made the statement in response to criticism from labor movements and political parties after a media report announced that the king had acquired a new luxurious private jet from the taxpayers’ money.

However, according to Forbes ranking, the Swazi king is 15th richest king in the world.




Plane spotted flying in circles

A small private plane with only an “unresponsive” pilot on board crashed into the Gulf of Mexico Thursday after circling for more than two hours, U.S. officials said.

The U.S. air force had scrambled two F-15 fighter jets to intercept and monitor the Cessna 421 aircraft, which was headed from the southern state of Louisiana to Florida.

The coast guard, which has requested assistance, has deployed an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter, along with the coast guard cutter Coho patrol boat and an HC-144 Ocean Sentry maritime patrol airplane.

“This is a joint response with the coast guard and air force,” said Kevin Robb, the command duty officer for the Eighth District command centre.

“We’re saturating the scene, responding with multiple air and surface assets.”

North American Aerospace Defense Command said the jets “intercepted and monitored an unresponsive general aviation aircraft over the Gulf of Mexico at approximately 9: 30 a.m.”

The fighters stayed on station to assist partner agencies in further efforts before returning to base,” it added in a statement.

The twin-engined aircraft’s “windows were iced over. They were unable to see the pilot,” U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Bill Colclough said.



Street-legal aeroplane unveiled at New York Auto Show

The Transition, made by Massachusetts-based Terrafugia, features two seats, four wheels and retractable wings, and was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show over the weekend.

There are currently 100 pre-orders for the Transition, which equals a waiting list of two-to-three years at Terrafugia’s small production facility.

With a full tank of Premium 91-octane fuel, the Transition should have a range of 644 miles. It is, however, currently restricted to US domestic flights only.

The Transition is expected to be made commercially available in 2013 at a price tag of around £176,000