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Places to see in Cappadocia, Turkey

The Cappadocia region in Turkey, is a beautiful area where nature and human ingenuity meet. Rich with history, this region was once a Roman Province and many relics of the Roman occupation and later early Christianization remain. There are many sites there that provide an excellent taste of history, art & architecture, and geology. Three [...]

Continental Airline Cleared of Concorde Crash

Continental Airlines were cleared by the court for the Crash of the Concorde that left 113 people dead. Also the mechanic of the Aircraft was cleared for man slaughter. The crash came about when a piece of metal had fallen of the Concorde which the air craft then ran over which caused the tyre to explode sending pieces of [...]

Other good concorde sites

There are quite a few nice sites about Concorde. Some of our favourites include the French site It covers many small and interesting details about the fastest commercial airplane in the world. British Airways, who had direct flights from New York to London, now feature a  site that celebrates Concorde. Here you can find [...]

What Happened to Concorde’s ?

Concorde’s have been retired since 2003 but some of you may not understand why it retired. The resulting reason why it retired was because of a crash in France that was caused by a fault in the system. So you ask yourself why they didn’t just fix the fault? The answer to the question is [...]

Son of Concorde Revealed

Scientist have revealed designs of what they like to call the Sonic Boom Boy and could be flying to and from London in the near future. They have built this design to try and eliminate the problems the Concorde had previously and the major problem that it did have was the sonic boom it created. [...]