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DSA Practical test

Mercedes Benz launches its 2014 edition of CLS 350:

Mercedes Benz has launched its latest 2014 edition – sedan CLS 350, a petrol engine which quotes for around Rs. 89.9 Lakh. The latest version has got many special features such as three dimensional displays, reversing camera with guidelines of static and dynamic version, active park assist, etc. The above features with its sportiness and design, the car model provides a very high exclusivity level, gives comfort ride and safety too. To the discerning customers in India, this makes a compelling choice for the people with its spacious interiors and plush that make it more attractive price for the introduction.

Mercedes Benz vice president reported that the company now planned to increase its production capacity at its plant which is located in Chakan from 10,000 to 20,000 per annum.

US: GM recalls another 8.45m car

GM announces another six recalls which is mostly of ignition switch totaling it of 8.45m 1997 to that of recent vehicles of 2014, out of which 7.6m are in the US. The automaker stated that in the second quarter of the recalls, it costs around US$1.2bn. The major vehicles are sedans of 1997 and 2008 recalled for fixing of unintended ignition key rotation, 1997-2005 version of Chevrolet Malibu; Oldsmobile Intrigue version of 1998-2002; Pontiac Grand Am 1995-2005; Chevrolet impala and Monte Carlo which again is of 2000-2005 version; Pontiac Grand pix of 2004-2008, etc.

And recent models of 2013-2014 Cadillac CTS and also Cadillac SRX 2004-2006 model are also recalled. The other cars that are remaining are called for the correcting the minor glitches of electrical purposes, especially wiring and also connections in it. Among all the above, GM added that there are seven crashes, three fatalities and eight injuries.

WSJ dealers would fix the ignition the problem occurred by ignition just by converting the slot on the vehicles key head to a small hole.

Ford takes time plan beyond marketing content:

Ford Company is trying to plan the real-time strategy that goes beyond the communicating and marketing teams for creating integrated consumer that is spanning a multiple touchpoints journey.

The Mustang – which is going to be the first ford real time strategy car and the company is making its ground work and also making use of social media for attracting the customers across the globe. The real-time strategy is first launched by Europe underlined by the efforts made by the Ford Company to make it more transparent, accessible and also to authenticate. Customer assistance ship has called both IT and also legal part to speed up the process to make the customers and fans to feel they are having a two way dialogue with the Ford brand.

The future campaigns are also planned by Ford and this includes campaign for the Mustang also the SUV and Vignale luxury proposition will finally gain the strategy of moving forward. Out of all these efforts, they added that the compelling part comes when people are discussing about the product so their main aim is to facilitate conversation rather broadcasting the brand. The Company also trying to take it to the new sector in the European Market introducing more than 25 new vehicles in another five years span.

The DSA Practical test (Driving Standard Agency) has to be taken by the customers to drive the car and they need to bring certain documents during the test and other things necessary.







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